Flying Distances between World Cities
How to determine the flight distance between world airports. Select the country for the Originating airport. Look through the airport list until you find the origin airport, click on it then on the green Origin button. If the country is different, select the Destination country. Again, look through the airport until you find the destination airport, click on it then on the blue Destination button. Then click on the red Calculate Distance button and the calculated trip information will be displayed.

Select Country  
Select Airport  

deg = degrees   NM = Nautical Miles   SM = Statute Miles   KM = Kilometers
Abbreviations are used in the information displayed for the 3 and 4 letter airport identifiers. Also, deg = degrees is the compass heading TO the destination; NM = Nautical Miles, SM = Statute Miles and KM = Kilometers are given as the trip distance. The heading and distances displayed do not take into consideration departure and approach patterns, restricted zones, standard routing or weather deviations.